15 Year Anniversary SALE conditions

Rudi bought his first 6 guitars and started The Fellowship of Acoustics on the 15th of June 2002. We just realized that's exactly 15 years ago! Hence we decided it's time for an anniversary party and we want you to celebrate with us! Maybe you have never been in the dream palais TFOA has became over the years and always wanted too? or you are about to buy a guitar but haven't decided yet which one? well there aint a shop with greater choice than TFOA has! Come and Join the party!


This is our 15th anniversary offer:

o 10% Discount until July 15 - 2017

o  Upon your 1st Discount purchase you get a signed Voucher with another 10% discount to be used before June 15 2018!

o The 15th anniversary Sale starts on Thursday 15-06-2017 and ends at July 15 2017 exactly 24h.


TFOA 15th anniversary Sale rules:

o The discount is applicable on all stock items except Consignment sale, labour and parts/accessories

o Trades are not allowed unless accordingly low and approved by our Staff.

o Store credit cannot be used for payment.

o The 15th ann. Offerings cannot be combined with other special offers or discounts

o After your first Anniversary purchase you will get a Voucher for your next 10% discount to be collected before June 15 2018.

o All methods of payment accepted

o With reservation of errors and spelling mistakes.


Opening hours:

o Monday to Friday 12.00-21.00H
o Saturdays 10.00-17.00H
o Sunday July 4  11.00-17.00H


*Fender, Gretsch, Mesa/Boogie en Taylor products are no part of this 15th ann offer.

*Parts/Accessories, Repair shop labour are not part of the 15th ann offer.

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