Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

The Fellowship of Acoustics wishes all of you a Happy New Year! We have big plans for 2018, we hope you will be there again to join us!

We've had a great year here at The Fellowship and we've never been as big as we are today!


We have great plans for the coming year, we are planning on growing even more and are busy improving our website, inventory-management, our marketing department and much more. Suggestions, tips and points-of-improvement are always welcome, as we strive to become the best guitar store that Europe has to offer! We believe we are truly something else, thus we are planning to break some boundaries in 2018 and become more than a regular guitar shop.


We would really like to thank every single one of you for the support, kindness and faith in our store. We would love to bring you along our journey through 2018 and share more amazing instruments with you. 


On that note,

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The TFOA-Team


Rudi, Laura, Coen, Erwin, Harry, Niek, Orla, Wessel, Dirk, Ingrid, Tom, Milan, Stefan, Timo, Marten, Marc, Jaap, Levi Danee and Maarten.


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