The very best Jazz Amps out there!?

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The very best Jazz Amps out there!?

Designed and made in America, these amplifiers are probably the best ones you can get. Atleast in the Jazz spectrum they are unbeatable, but we would say they knock évery genre straight out of the park.

Extensions and Speaker Cabinets


Henriksen also offer a couple of Speaker Cabinets, The Ray- , The Bud- , The 310- and the 312-extension cabinets. These will offer you the amazing Henriksen sound whilst extending the sound-range of your playing. Why not just get two Buds for instance? The Extensions are half the price! You'll just need one of the "main" amps to get started!


Many Fellowship videos have been shot using the Henriksen Amplifier, small in size, easy in use and more importantly; Unbeatable in sound.


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