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Hagstrom Viking previously owned by Elvis Presley

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Hagstrom Viking previously owned by Elvis Presley

This is what you may refer to as something very special. This Hagstrom Viking in Jet Black, is previously owned by Elvis Presley. The former owner personally purchased it from Charlie Hodge, Elvis his life long companion and friend, who shared Elvis house hold and lived on a wing of Graceland for a good deal of his life, even after Elvis passing. I don't think he needs further introduction as he's well known to everyone familiar with Elvis's history. You may refer to this guitar as 'never been gigged' since Elvis never used this guitar on this stage according to Charlie Hodge. The guitar is in excellent original condition and comes with the original case. A small but important detail is the hand written song-text included with this guitar. It was in the case pocket together with a Plectrum Elvis used. Charlie Hodge wasn't sure who wrote the lyrics, since both handwritings of Red West and Elvis are very similar and we didn't research. The previous owner is what you may refer to a well known Elvis memorabilia collector. And this guitar was part of the collection he is breaking up. This is a very special offer and we are looking for offers from potential serious customers recognizing the great value of this combined package, that comes with excellent provenance. Also the original Hagström production files show that the guitar was manufactured on March 1, 1968 and shipped to Hagström´s US distributor Unicord on March 26, 1969. The same records also show that it was black and coincident or not- the 50 guitars prior and post to the shipping of this single guitar, were shipped to Canada.