Gypsy Gitaren

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  • Product Status
  • Body Size
  • Meer over Jumbo / O-size
    Jumbo guitar models have as much bass as a dreadnought, but the tight waist makes them sound more balanced, resulting in a better high end, making this model also a fingerstyle players choice.
  • Meer over Dreadnought
    The Dreadnought is a relatively big guitar, (400mm -15 5/8" ) A very powerful guitar that produces a deep wall of sound, and is linked with bluegrass Picking and folk strumming.
  • Specifics
  • Meer over Semi Akoestisch
    Akoestische gitaar Met pickup, with Pickup, mit Tonabnehmer
  • Meer over Halsbreedte - Breed
    Halsbreedte 'Breed' refereert aan een halsbreedte tussen 44mm en 45.5mm zoals 44mm (1.72") en 44.5mm (1 3/4")
  • Meer over Halsbreedte - XL- Extra Breed
    XL halsbreedte: 45.5mm en meer zoals 1 13/16" (46mm) en 1 7/8" (47.8mm)
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