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Walnut Body
Collings Collings OM2H Walnut Sunburst
Collings OM2H Walnut Sunburst
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Collings 01 All Mahogany
Nicht auf Lager
Engelmann Spruce
Collings Collings 0002HE Rosewood Engelmann Spruce 2012
Honduran Mahogany
Collings Collings D1 Mahogany Spruce  2015
Honduran Mahogany
Collings Collings CJ Mh 2019
Collings CJ Mh 2019
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Lollar Dog Ears
Collings Collings I30LC Pelham Blue
Collings I30LC Pelham Blue
Nicht auf Lager
Collings OM1A Torrified Adirondack
Nicht auf Lager
Lollar Imperials
Collings Collings I35LC Faded Cherry Aged
Collings I30 LC Blonde
Nicht auf Lager
Collings D1A Adirondack Mahogany
Nicht auf Lager
Collings D1 Sitka Spruce Mahogany
Nicht auf Lager


Collings instruments are handmade in Austin, Texas and are of exceptional quality. Next to mandolines, they build electric-, archtop- and most-of-all, acoustic guitars. Collings instruments are some of the best sounding in the business and make for real "players" instruments. 

Why Collings? 

Collings are quality instruments, they not only sound great but also play great. They're handcrafted in Austin, Texas in the fashion Bill Collings (who sadly left us in 2017) himself would've wanted it. They sound like no other and are true gems too hold, we have few comparable instruments at this price point.

For a musician looking for an instrument to compliment their playing, a Collings is what you need.