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K&K Sound


K&K Sound

K&K Sound Systems

Originating from a love for engineering at a young age, Dieter Kaudel founded K&K Sound Systems in 1984 with his wife Karla in Germany. 

Starting out with a passion for the vibraphone and the amplification of that instrument. With a solid base in the vibraphone market, K&K expanded into manufacturing drum triggers and later drum microphones. But Dieter, being first and foremost a guitarist, always experimented with acoustic guitars as well. 

High, Affordable Quality

K&K Pickups are among the best available for the money and are often our first choice for acoustic guitars. K&K built its reputation on its authentic, high-quality products and personal caring customer service. "We are growing at a steady rate, faster than ever before." Dieter and Karla say.

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