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Maybe the best acoustic guitars on stage

Tommy Emmanuel, Josh Homme, Joe Robinson, Keith Urban, Eric Johnson and Neil Finn of Crowded House (and Fleetwood Mac) and many other artists take the stage with an acoustic guitar made by Australien luthier Maton.

History of Maton Guitars

What started in 1946 in a shed in Melbourne has now grown into a global player thanks to great acoustic guitars that really excel on stage. This is mainly due to the super-smart AP5 Pro system, which was developed in-house. With this you can amplify your acoustic guitar in no time. Thanks to the combination of a piezo and a flexible microphone and the possibility to blend the two, a Maton sounds just as beautiful and natural through a speaker as a Maton does at home on the couch.

Maton is a pioneer in using local tonewoods such as Queensland Maple, Bunya and Victoria Blackwood. That makes these guitars durable and gives them a completely unique character with an enormous dynamic range. Whether you're a fingerstyle virtuoso or more of a chord strummer: it's all possible on these great and vary playable Maton guitars.

Maton guitars in stock

You can hear, see and feel that unique character in our magic shop in Dedemsvaart, because we always have a some Maton guitars in stock, like the classic 808 model, the Maton Messiah, Maton Tommy Emmanuel Series, the mini Maton, or one of the many other Maton models. We either have them in store or as a Maton dealer we can get them for you at short notice.

Buy a Maton Guitar

Do you want to buy a Maton acoustic guitar? You can of course order them online through our webshop and of course these guitars, like all others will only leave our workshop after a complete check and set up to your preferences Feel free to contact us by chat, phone, or e-mail.

Do you want to try a Maton first? You can get your hands on one in our magical shop in Dedemsvaart, because we always have Maton guitars and hundreds of other guitars in stock. In one of our many rooms you can try out acoustic and electric guitars at your own pace, without any obligations and our Fellows are ready to provide you with advice if necessary.