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It started with some tinkering in the legendary Rudy's Music Stop in New York and now the brand is quickly becoming a legend all by itself: Suhr guitars 


Rudy Pensa owns the legendary Music Stop in Soho New York and that may not be a very large shop in square feet, but it’s reputation is larger than life. It is one of those shop where pretty much all the great guitarists have been and traded in or bought something. Like Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler:



In this Music Stop, John Suhr started tinkering with guitars on behalf of Mr. Pensa to find out gradually that he might be better of doing it all by himself in his own Suhr Custom Shop. There he could uncompromisingly create the guitars to fit the hands and ears of his customers.

With our Dream Guitar Program we have already been able to help many customers to their unique Custom Made Suhr.  

Thanks to the unprecedented craftsmanship, those first Suhr guitars quickly found their way to players like Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, our own Rob de Winter, Pete Thorn and dozens of others. We are pleased to say Suhr now also makes guitars 'in series', from which there is lot to choose and whichever Suhr guitar you pick, it is always oozing with craftsmanship. Electronics, wood selection, finishing, playability: it's all top notch.


Classic and Modern

If you look at the models Suhr makes, you see a clear nod to the classic Tele's and Strats, but Suhr adds a modern twist. Not only in terms of ease of play and reliability, but Suhr also gives the sound an extra boost. Take, for example, Mateus Asato  on his Suhr Tele. We recognize the twang, but there is also a kind of fresh clarity in it, which pulls these guitars straight into the here and now.




For all guitarists who, like John Suhr, are looking for the very best without any compromise, there is even more good news, because in less than 25 years he has managed to create a real guitar empire with more than just guitars. Great tube amplifiers,  effect pedals  tons of accessories and parts, bass guitars and tone tools: Suhr has it all.  


Official Suhr Dealer

The Fellowship of Acoustics has been an official Suhr Dealer since 2019 and in 2020 we even became Suhr Dealer of the Year, because we really like to sell these guitars! They have only one major disadvantage: customers who buy a Suhr are often so satisfied with their guitar, that we don't see them in our store or any other guitar store for a very, very long time.