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Looking for the Holy Grail of overdrive pedals? Try a Vemuram.


Handmade in Japan by top techies who put their very best an indestructible brass box. Like how that looks on paper? Wait till you hear it on your pedalboard. Kirk Fletcher, Josh Smith and Matt  Schofield and many others already know



Boutique overdrive pedals

The great thing about Vemuram is that these stomp boxes do exactly what they have to do and as a result the Vemuram Jan Ray has become a classic pedal in no time. This ultimate overdrive pedal gives you that perfect 'Fender Magic 6' sound of an amplifier that sits nicely 'on the edge of break up', cruising your fretboard with sustain for days and no unnatural compression. And all of this is childishly easy to dial in with just four cool looking knobs.

Besides the Jan Ray we have more Vemuram effects on offer, like the Vemuram Shanks ODS-1. Some say this pedal is "the Nashville Sound" in a box, but there's so much more to it, because it was developed with top producer John Shanks who has produced the likes of Van Halen and Celine Dion and a lot of other aritsts that sit somewhere in between these two.  So this ODS-1 gives you everything, from that subtle crystal clear overdrive to the edge of distortion; this One has it all.


The four promises of Vemuram

1 Authentic pedals

Vemuram's offer is limited and exclusive and as a result they make authentic effects. That means they tinker with the pedals until they give you a stomp box that enriches the sound of your amplifier and your guitar,  without taking anything away from it. 

2 Brass

Most effect pedals are aluminum or metal. Nice and light and affordable material. Vemuram  makes the housing of their pedals from brass. That looks awesome and it helps with the noise reduction of the signal. The solid knobs and switches complete the look that just oozes quality.

3 100% Handmade

Every part in a Vemuram pedal is installed manually and adjusted where necessary until it works as it should. According to the builders this is the only way to guarantee quality.

4 The Secret Gain Trimmer

How much Gain do you want? There is just no way to answer that question. We all want a different gain setting for different occasions. For a single coil guitar, you might want an bit more oemph than you would like for your humbucker six string. How do you solve this issue with just one pedal? How do you ensure that the  Gain has enough range to please every guitarist?  Vemuram came up with the Secret  Gain  Trimmer, a smart, small 'Saturation' button, with which you can influence the Gain control even further. On the ODS-1, Vemuram  used the same trick with Bass to give the pedal an even bigger reach.

Vemuram has also recently added great  fuzzpedals to their line up. Want to know more about Vemuram  pedals or try them out? Feel free to visit our magical store in Dedemsvaart, we do our best to keep these very exclusive effect pedals in stock.