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Carr Amps Rambler Custom Cowboy 1x12 Combo

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The Rambler was one of Steve's earliest signature designs, and today it is still one of his most popular models.
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Carr Amps Rambler Custom Cowboy 1x12 Combo

Long before the birth of Carr Amplifiers, Steve Carr spent years playing, repairing, modifying and intently listening to classic guitar amps. The Rambler was one of his earliest signature designs, and today it is still one of our most popular models. Why? It's no accident that the Rambler succeeds in delivering classic American 'deluxe' tone with dramatically expanded clean headroom, solid bass response and the option of 28 watt pentode or 14 watt triode operation. The Rambler simply reflects Steve's desire to improve and refine the original concept of an appropriately powered 1x12 club amp with reverb and tremolo. Rambler owners describe their amps as being warm, full and round, with a surprisingly high threshold of clean tone, (which also makes the Rambler uniquely suited to virtually any overdrive pedal ever built). The Rambler is considered by many to be the quintessential club amp, voiced to meet the needs of virtually any player, and all types of music. Finally, this Rambler has a great Custom Cowboy tolex that makes this amp look really good.


Type: Tube amplifier
Type cabinet: Open back
Output: 28 Watt/14 watt
Poweramp tubes: 2x 6L6
Speaker size: 1x 12"
Speaker: Eminence Elsinore
Channels:  1
Inputs: 1
Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Tremolo Depth & Speed.
Reverb: Yes
Tremolo: Yes
Effects Loop: No
Line out: No
External speaker out: No
Cabinet Material: Pine
Weight:  19kg
Footswitch: Yes
Other features: No
Condition: New
Cosmetic Condition: None
Cover/case: No