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Kemper Profiler Amplifier Profiling Power Head - Black

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This Profiler features a built-in power amp. The digital class-D powerhouse sounds and feels like a tube amp.
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Kemper Profiler Amplifier Profiling Power Head - Black

It contains your entire amp collection: the amps you own, the best sounding amps from top guitarists the world over, and amps from studio-cats who live for that perfect recording room, ultimate mic position, and purest possible signal chain. The Kemper Profiler can capture the sonic DNA of a guitar amp with the press of a single button. But, so you don‘t have to, the best amps in the world come pre-installed, ready to bring their legendary tone and feel to your fingertips. Ready to take you on a trip of tonal bliss from Alternative, thru Metal, to Country. 

The four stomp slots let you choose from a supreme selection of traditional drive pedals, wahs and EQs. There are world-class pitch shifters, along with more experimental effects like frequency shifters and exotic waveshapers. There is even a “Looper” performance effect for those who use our floorboard. Post-amp, you can add up to four stereo effects, including reverbs, delays and modulation effects. Many effects have a built-in “Ducking“ parameter and settings can be remotely controlled by MIDI. External stomps can be inserted at pretty much any point of the signal chain.

This Profiler features a built-in power amp. The digital class-D powerhouse sounds and feels like a tube amp. And, with 600w, you can always be on top of the hill, when needed. Both the Head and Rack versions are available with the power amp option, adding around 1.2 kg (2 ½ pounds) in weight.

  • 1 STOMP EFFECTS Four independent stomps, chosen from an amazing arsenal of effects. These include detailed models of famous overdrive and distortion stomps, compressor, pitch shifter, LoFi algorithms, and a beautiful rotary speaker.
  • 2 PORT TO THE WORLD Share, organize, and backup your personal collection, and connect to Rig Manager on your computer. Preview and access thousands of additional Rigs, free of charge.
  • 3 PROFILING Amplifier profiling is a new and unique way to extract the sound and feel of a tube amp and store it away for later use. Profiling doesn‘t just create a static snapshot; it can give you a deeper control of your sound than your original amp can provide. The response to your playing, dynamics and all other details are captured by the profiling process.
  • 4 THE INPUT STAGE Thanks to a state of the art Hi-Z input, optimized for passive guitar pickups, the signal path sounds crystal clear and can be calibrated for your guitar.
  • 5 THE STACK The Stack section consists of the amp, equalizer and cabinet. You can mix and match any amp with any cabinet. You can even tweak a Profile beyond the boundaries of a traditional, physical amp.
  • 6 MASTER FX The reverb in here is lively, dense and will not mask the original signal. The delay features tape and stereo delay variations and can be sync’ed. Six knobs on the front panel give you instant access to the most important parameters. This section can also hold an additional stereo stomp box.
  • 7 THE AMP CONTROLS Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence can be adjusted here. However, in contrast to many vintage amps, the gain control doesn’t color the sound. This way, you can tweak your tone to perfection much faster.