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L.R. Baggs Synapse Personal P.A. System

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The Synapse Personal PA System is the result from nearly four years of the most advanced engineering LR Baggs has done to date.
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L.R. Baggs Synapse Personal P.A. System

The Synapse Personal PA System is the result from nearly four years of the most advanced engineering LR Baggs has done to date. Developed primarily for the singer songwriter and solo acoustic performer, this approach to the portable loudspeaker isn’t just visually pleasing, it will fill a room and impact your audience like no other speaker can.

The speaker design of the Synapse is a departure from conventional loudspeakers and portable line array systems in that it employs an "all-horn" speaker design that projects a full 180 degree horizontal waveform at all frequencies, connecting both you and your audience together in the exact same sound. LR Baggs has also eliminated the disconnect inherent in two way systems with a innovative compression woofer that propagates sound in the same fashion as the high frequency driver, seamlessly blending the two as if they were one cohesive source for uniformity across all frequencies. The combination of compression, the ease and intimacy created by the horns, and the ultra-wide dispersion fills the room with a dynamically rich, natural sound.


The electronics feature two channels of all-discrete preamplifiers with independent gain controls, 3-band EQ, and a custom voiced reverb. The circuit is composed of carefully selected, top-shelf components chosen to retain the purity of the signal and deliver studio quality sound for live performance.


The 500 watt, Class-D power amplifier is compact and lightweight, with more than enough power to propel the drivers loudly and efficiently. After an in depth blind audition of more than a dozen amplifier modules, they unanimously fell in love with this power amplifier and then went even further by working with the manufacturer to tailor it for our purposes.

The design of the housing is purely “form follows function”. The front cover was shaped to present a full 180 degree horizontal waveform in a hemispherical pattern. They then constructed a cabinet that would yield their desired frequency response and SPL, while remaining compact for easy portability. The combination of a high quality, walnut veneer plywood cabinet with a speaker baffle and an interlocking front cover made from high density, structural foam minimizes resonances to preserve fidelity of sound.

  • 2 Channels
  • Power: 500 Watt RMS
  • Equipped with: 8" speaker and 1" compression tweeter
  • Compact speaker and tweeter combination
  • 180 Degree horizontal waveform radiation
  • Class thomann D amplifier
  • Controllers per channel: Gain, 3 Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb Level
  • Phase reversing switch
  • Mute function
  • -20 dB Switch
  • 48 V Phantom power
  • 3 mm jack/XLR combo input
  • Custom reverb with 3 settings
  • 3 mm jack and 3.5 mm jack AUX input
  • AUX volume control
  • Master volume control
  • Mix input and mix output
  • Maximum level: 115 dB
  • Dimensions (H x thomann W x D): 60.98 x 38.73 x 55.24 cm
  • 35 mm speaker flange
  • Weight: 17.24 kg
  • Protective cover included