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On our New Arrivals page you find the best overview of our unique range of new, vintage and second-hand guitars by PRS, Fender, Gibson, Martin, Taylor, Atkin, Lowden, Collings, Santa Cruz and many other brands.
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Iris DF Sunburst 2020
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Gibson Cat Stevens J180
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Collings I30LC Jet Black Recent
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Taylor GS6 2009
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Martin D41 Re-Imagined Lefty
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Over the years, The Fellowship of Acoustics has become one of the biggest guitar dealers in Europe. Our huge and daily changing range of acoustic and electric guitars is a testament to that.

Every day we welcome new guitars from our regular suppliers like Fender, Gibson and of course Martin. In addition, we offer many European brands such as Lowden, Sheeran, Lakewood,  BSG, Atkin and Furch. Of course  we trade in second-hand and vintage guitars and very regularly we offer very exclusive guitars on behalf of customers through consignment.

With our Dream Guitar Program, we've already helped dozens of customers towards their ultimate Custom Shop guitar.

Acoustic and electric guitars

In our magic shop in Dedemsvaart we have close to a thousand guitars in stock, about 60 percent of which consists of acoustic guitars, the rest is electric. Our offer is so unique because we consciously opt for a wide range of instruments, so we usually carry just one guitar of one specific model. You can  try out all the guitars we have and the Fellows  are ready to help you. Because of our wide range, there is a lot to choose from and both seasoned  and beginner guitarists know where to find us.  Thanks to all this interest, what we have in stock changes quickly and we do our best to keep surprising ourselves and our customers with the guitars we have on offer.

Would you like to stay up-to-date about the guitars we are selling? The most up-to-date and beautifully photographed overview of our acoustic and electric guitars on sale can be found on this  New  Arrivals  page. To  watch, to compare, to dream about and drool over or maybe to pull the trigger on. Do you see a guitar here that you want to know more about? Please feel free to contact us without any obligations.

We ship everywhere

Do you want to buy a guitar from the Fellowship? This can of course be done in our shop, but also through our webshop, because we ship our guitars all over the world. All of our guitars leave the store only after a good, professional setup, taking into account your preferences, you get a TFOA Passport and within a year we will be happy to see you back for an extra setup, free of charge.

Don't you also want to hear our guitars? On our YouTube channel  you will find a weekly selection from our new offerings. Every Friday afternoon at 16.00, Coen Bults presents a beautiful mix of vintage and new guitars. And we have a separate demo channel!

Also  keep an eye on our  Instagram  and  Facebook  channels, as we often offer a sneak preview of the new and vintage guitars that come to our store before they are even on our site.