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Udo Roesner Da Capo 75 Acoustic Amp

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Udo teamed up with MARco-Labs in Germany and France to realise his new vision, the ‘Da Capo 75’, a true powerhouse featuring analogue preamps and a Class A/B analogue power amp delivering an extremely warm and punchy 75 watts of power.
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Udo Roesner Da Capo 75 Acoustic Amp

This 2-channel acoustic combo is equipped with a custom-made 8-inch, twin cone speaker, and features a 3 band EQ on each channel, plus 6 effects. Udo’s goal with the ‘Da Capo 75’ was to design a compact amplifier with more low end and a more transparently mellow mid-range, when compared to other small-form acoustic amplifiers.

Beyond that which you would already expect, you’ll also find two, channel-independent DI outputs, two line outs, with different output levels, a 3.5mm Auxillary input, an FX send and return, phantom power control, a high-pass filter and a headphone output.



Combo Amplifier
Output: 75 Watt
Poweramp tubes: Analogue A/B
Speaker size: 8"
Speaker: Custom Twin Cone
Channels:  2
Inputs: 2
Controls: Master, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, HPF, Pan, Level 
Reverb: Yes
Tremolo: No
Effects Loop: Yes
Line out: Yes
External speaker out: Yes
Footswitch: No
Other features: Headphone Output, Phantom Power, High Pass Filter
Weight: 7,25 kg
Condition: New
Cover/case: Yes, Included