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A capo is a clamp that is used to make all strings sound a few semitones higher on fretted, stringed instruments. This has the great advantage that the fingering will remain unchanged if an difficult key is required for the instrument.


Occasionally one sees two guitarists of which one plays open strings, for example D major, while the other, with a capo on the 5th fret, plays the fingering of A major, which in this position also becomes D major. Together it gives a unique sound, and makes many "standards" a lot more interesting.

Which Capo should I buy?

Capos come in many different types and sizes. Basically, they all have the same function, but there are a few things that are useful to pay attention to when buying a capo.

A capo with adjustable pressure is desired, because every guitar is different. This way you can ensure that the capo delivers just enough power for your instrument and is no more than necessary. A capo that is too tight can cause damage to the guitar. For example, have a look at the G7TH Performance 2 capo or the classic Shubb C1 capo.

Capos are available for all types of guitars; classic, electric, western but also banjo's and other folk instruments. These can all be found in our store!