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Gypsy Saiten

Savarez Argentine 1510MF
The string has a steel core and a silver-plated winding wound around the strings.
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Savarez Argentine 1510 Loop End 10-45
For more than 60 years, Argentine strings have accompanied the music of prestigious guitarists, fro...
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Argentine 1610 Ball End Gypsy Jazz 10-45
Argentine 1610 10-45 ballend Gypsy Jazz strings from Argentine were developed over 60 years ago and ...
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Gallistrings GSB10 Gypsy Jazz 10-45
The special design and tension of the Gypsy Jazz make these strings the best choice for "manouche" g...
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Savarez Argentina 1610MF Ball End
Wanted by a large number of musicians and luthiers throughout the world, they are the only strings t...
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