SOLD OUT. Free TFOA Care Package!

SOLD OUT. Free TFOA Care Package!

To celebrate the 100th issue of our online newsletter Guitars of the Week, we're giving away 40 free TFOA Care Packages to our biggest fans. Read this blog to find out more!


What's in the free care package?

Let's start with the good stuff, what's actually in this care package? Well, let me tell you:


 - A TFOA Mouth-Mask;


 - A TFOA Humidifier (which is great for the dry winter!);


 - A TFOA Leather Guitar Strap (in black, dark brown or light brown);


 - A set of three TFOA Primetone Picks;


 - A TFOA Giftcard with a unique code which can be used for a one-time-only 10% discount on our entire stock, which expires on the 31st of December.


How do I get this free care package?

Well, since we want to offer this care package to our biggest fans, we're offering it to the readers of our online newsletter. The first 40 orders over €500,- will receive this free care package no-questions-asked! In the upcoming 100th issue of Guitars of the Week, which will be sent at 16:00 sharp on the 27th of November, we'll share the secret code you'll have to put in the notes of your order so we know you want the care package... ;)


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  1. Richard Tedds Richard Tedds

    I wondered if I could please have a care package as I have just bought a Martin M36 from you , many thanks
    Richard Tedds

  2. joop spies joop spies

    wat een fantastisch bedrijf, zodra ik binnenstapte voelde ik me er thuis, schitterende gitaren collectie, prachtig pand en ontzettend vriendelijk en geduldig personeel. Het is geen straf om vanuit de randstad naar Dedemsvaart te moeten rijden.

  3. Maarten Dispa Maarten Dispa

    Ha Rene, zeker! Elke bestelling boven de 500,- die de code gebruikt die in onze nieuwsbrief staat krijgt er eentje ;) In de afgelopen twee stond ie wel!

  4. Rene Rene

    Ik krijg jullie newsletter al lange tijd nu, dus kan niet meer inschrijven, maar hoop tuurlijk wel dat ik alsnog een pakket kan krijgen hahahahaha

  5. Maarten Dispa Maarten Dispa

    Hey Alione, thanks! Great to hear :) Hope you received our newsletter and were able to get your hands on one of the care packages ;)

  6. alione alione

    Got my first acoustic from your shop a year ago and I'm very much in love. Right now I'm saving up for an electric.
    Looking forward to receiving the newsletter of yours! :)

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