Situation Update

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Situation Update

Dear friends,

With the current COVID19 developments, we actively follow the Health authorities instructions.


Meaning TFOA will remain open until further instructions. Making an appointment is no longer necessary except for Mondays and for a Repair shop visit. Given the more than 2400m2 of shop size the necessary social distance is warranted. To create even a safer welcome, we made several health measures.


We actively follow the hygiene and safety rules that now apply meaning, we ask you to do the same and follow the instructions provided by the health authorities.


  • We ask you to visit us with a maximum of 2 persons.
  • We also ask you to visit the store only for a specific reason.
  • Please actively follow the instructions on the pamphlets in the store.
  • Please do not visit us when you have a cold or other signs of illnesses.
  • Please respect the 1 ½ meters social distance at all times.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands regularly. There are several disinfection points, including a mandatory disinfection point at the entrance of the store.


We have taken the following precaution measures:


  • We continuously provide clean and disinfected surfaces.
  • We ensure that there are several disinfection points on each floor.
  • Cotton swabs are provided with the pin machine to enter a handsfree code if necessary.
  • There are screens between the staff and customers at the checkout
  • Distance markings have been established wherever necessary
  • All common facilities, such as toilets, are equipped with disinfection points and are cleaned continuously.
  • A maximum of 2 people can be present in one space at the same time. Please leave the used guitars on a stand, we will clean them before hanging them back on the wall.


Of course, online sales, telephone sales and shipments also continue during office hours, daily from 10:00 to 18:00. In addition, our webshop is open 24/7!


Every disadvantage has an advantage. Being at home also means you have time to play the guitar. Maybe it is even the ultimate opportunity to finally learn and master the guitar ?!


In any case, we @TFOA are here to support you wherever we can. So If you have problems making a choice, if you have an instrument that needs repair, or if you need help and guidance, please call (or email) us.  On request we also make a demo of a guitar from our store for those who do not have the opportunity to try it out for themselves.


Stay healthy, take good care of each other and continue to enjoy making music!




Coen, Laura and Rudi Bults


The Fellowship of Acoustics

Our phone number: 0031 (0) 523-232205

Email: [email protected]


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