The Fellowshippers of Acoustics | Free Shipping & Returns!

The Fellowshippers of Acoustics | Free Shipping & Returns!

We have a lockdown in place here in The Netherlands till the 19th of January. As a result we've also had to close our shop in Dedemsvaart. Luckily, we can still carry out most of our services.


Ordering Online at TFOA


For most of you, ordering online at our family-run store won't be anything new. To help lift our usual in-store services to an online level, we've come up with a few benefits for you. Till the lockdown lasts, we've changed ourselves to the Fellowshippers of Acoustics!


 - Free Shipping on all orders above €50,- in the entire EU (until the lockdown lasts);


 - Free Returns in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany (until the lockdown lasts);


 - We'll be available for phonecalls, chats and emails from 08:30 till 21:30 every day (including Sunday!) (until the lockdown lasts);


 - Of course, all orders will be checked and set-up to your personal wishes by the luthiers in our repairshop.


Are you hesitant about ordering online, need any extra information or would you like some extra photo's and / or video's of the guitar you're thinking of ordering; please feel free to contact us!


You can reach us at: 


[email protected];


+31 (0) 523-232205;


Or simply use the chat function on the website.


Visiting the TFOA Store


Visiting is tricky now, as our shop is closed due to the lockdown that's in effect in The Netherlands. However, we do offer the option for in-store pickups and you can still bring and retreive your instrument for repairs and / or maintenance. But, you can't wait for the repair to be finished and you can't try any of the products in the store at the moment. Feel free to contact us for the available options.


Thanks for understanding everybody, we hope we can still assist you in your journey and are always happy to help.


All the best, take care and stay safe, 


Rudi, Coen and Laura Bults & The TFOA Team.



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