New Walrus Audio Pedal proves the Void has the greatest Value!

New Walrus Audio Pedal proves the Void has the greatest Value!

Walrus Audio just made a new magic box that will give you all the Room you’ll ever need.

Eastern philosophy puts a very interesting perspective on the value of emptiness. Because emptiness may seem like nothing, according to Tao it is this Void that has the greatest Value. Or as Tao puts is: if you built four walls, it is not the material of the four walls that make the house. But instead the most imported part of the house is the new empty space you have created with those four walls. Hence:


The Void Has the Greatest Value


Even for a simple coffee cup, the utility is defined by the empty space in which you pour the coffee.


In some ways the same principle applies to music, because without space a tone sounds flat and dead. But how do you get space in your sound when that space isn't there? Or if you're in a studio, looking for the sound of a canyon? Or the Void of a Galaxy?


All the space you'll ever need can be created with this new magic box from Walrus Audio, the R1 High Fidelity Stereo Reverb, Mako series. This new pedal offers pretty much all the reverb you can imagine with some extra glitter and glitches to top it all off.  With one simple click, you play your guitar in the bathroom, a stadium or in a Galaxy far, far away, and everything in between.



Walrus Audio has clearly gone for the 'Reverb to end all Reverbs',  because you get a Plate, Spring, Hall and a Big F***ing Reverb. The latter sounds like a canyon. Add to that a shimmering Air and a glitchy Refract and all the endless Void Tao could ever consider valuable, easily fits on your pedalboard.


Want to know more about prices and availability of these Walrus Audio pedals? Feel free to contact  us. Our Fellows are happy to help.



  • Programs: Spring, Hall, Plate, BFR, RFRCT (Refract), Air
  • Presets: up to 128 via MIDI or bank switch
  • Tune Button and Buttons for Rate, Depth and Pre-Delay
  • Bypass Modes: True Bypass, DSP+True Bypass (trails), DSP Bypass (trails)


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