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Paul Davids on Collings guitars:

"It's almost art"



Why Collings? 


Colling's guitars usually look deceptively simple, but make no mistake: they are high-quality instruments, that sound marvelous and play astonishing. They're handmade in Austin, Texas the way Bill Collings (who sadly left us in 2017) would have wanted it himself. They all have a recognizable character, are a feast for the eyes and thanks to their timeless elegance, they are proof that simplicity never gets boring.

We have found very few, if any, similar instruments at this price point and in addition to acoustic guitars, Collings now also builds mandolins  and amazing electric guitars.



With all Collings instruments the difference is in the sum of all the details and that starts with the choice of tonewood and at Collings they just have a nose for the finest wood selection in both sound and looks. When assembling the guitars, Collings does not skimp on anything and still works 'old school'. There is no set time for scraping and sanding, it is done until it is perfect and all that lovingly handled tonewood ends up in a wonderfully breathing nitro cellulose lacquer.

Of course, a guitar like that does not travel in a standard case, because even those are custom-made by Collings.

For a musician looking for an instrument to compliment his or her game, a Collings is just what you need. They are real players guitars who have already found their way to the hands of Joni Mitchell, Brian May, Pete Townshend and virtuoso Julian Lage:


Need we say more?

Do you want to play a Collings guitar? We do our utmost to keep these exclusive guitars in stock, but both  new and second-hand Collings guitars are highly sought after, so if you see one, make sure you act quickly.

Haven’t you found your Collings guitar yet? Or do you have special wishes? Collings also has a Custom Shop where you can compose a Collings guitar entirely according to your own wishes. With our  Dream Guitar Program we have already been able to help many customers to their Collings.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you want to know more about Collings Guitars.





Collings instruments are handmade in Austin, Texas and are of exceptional quality. Next to mandolines, they build electric-, archtop- and most-of-all, acoustic guitars. Collings instruments are some of the best sounding in the business and make for real "players" instruments. 


Collings are quality instruments, they not only sound great but also play great. They're handcrafted in Austin, Texas in the fashion Bill Collings (who sadly left us in 2017) himself would've wanted it. They sound like no other and are true gems too hold, we have few comparable instruments at this price point.

For a musician looking for an instrument to compliment their playing, a Collings is what you need.