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Guild Guitars

Guild guitars are Made to be Played and that is why love to have them in our store.


Guild can look back on a very rich history;  you could find a Guild on the Woodstock stage in 1969, the BeeGees played Guild, as did Jeff Buckley and John Lennon. Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Robert Smith (The Cure) and Pete Townshend (The Who) still play Guild Guitars. Clearly guitar players with an exciting edge. Not standard, but a bit rebellious so to us it sometimes feels like Guild is the James Dean of the acoustic guitars.



History of Guild Guitars

From the very beginning, Guild Guitars wanted to be everything but standard. That's why Alfred Dronge and George Mann left Epiphone. Those guitars, to their taste, did not get the air they needed to breath and really needed more space to get a voice of their own.

Because of Dronge's love of jazz, the focus during the first year was entirely on the production of electric hollow body guitars. Vintage enthusiasts are still looking for those Guild guitars. Later Guild followed with flattops and archtops.

In the 1960s Guild developed signature models for stars including George Barnes, Duane Eddy and Bert Weedon. And in 1972 Guild introduced the D40-C. A revolutionary model, because this was the first acoustic guitar with a cut-away, which made the frets higher up on the neck more accessible. Almost all guitar builders have copied that since then. 

Through Nick Drake, Slash, David Byrne, Tom Petty and Sheryl Crow, Guild has entered the here and now and to this day these very American guitars have a unique voice. Where other brands excel in a 'boomy' or a crystal clear sound, Guild remains nice and earthy.

Guild guitars produce a kind of base-tone that does not stand out immediately, but because it is so well balanced, the more you hear it, the more you love it.  



Buy a Guild guitar

That is why we at The Fellowship of Acoustics have an extensive range of acoustic, semi-acoustic and electric Guild guitars in stock, both new and second hand.

You want to buy a Guild guitar? Then you've come to the right place. Of course you can order it safely online and immediately afterwards we will start working for you. All guitars only leave our store after a full set up in our workshop. We now have a lot of experience with vintage, second hand and new Guild guitars, so you can always ask for repairs and maintenance.

Having trouble choosing? Or would you like to try a Guild first? Feel free to contact us via chat or visit our store in Dedemsvaart! Make an appointment for this first under the current circumstances.

We are happy to help you out!