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We are pleased to say we now also have Maestro guitars for sale in our store!

These guitars, made by builder Hozen from Singapore, are perhaps the most lush guitars we have in our line up. Maestro Guitars are built with hand-selected tonewoods, like the very exclusive Brazilian Rosewood and  Himalayan  Hemlock. On top of that Maestro puts his own mark on all his acoustic guitars by hand voicing them. This may take more time, according to Maestro, this is the best way to get the best results.

Maestro Guitars  also offer very exclusive double sided and double topped guitars from the shelve, which is nothing short of extraordinary. To top it all of Maestro guitars are finished with dazzling and comfortable details.

Maestro guitars in stock

We do our very best to keep Maestro guitars in stock because this brand offers the best of both worlds. Thanks to the optimal use of the right contrasts, they are perfectly balanced, a bit like Yin and Yang.

Maestro makes very clever use of traditional techniques and adds hypermodern know-how in order to achieve something completely new and unique. The voicing is still done by hand, while the neck is strengthened with  hypermodern carbon fiber. And for the perfect set up of the guitars, Maestro uses the laser precision of a PLEK machine in addition to years of experience.

Rich in every way

With this approach, Maestro makes stunningly beautiful guitars that we can effortlessly add to the other acoustic guitars in our store. Maestro guitars are a feast for the ear and the eye, because the details in the decoration and the finish are at the very top of High End. The guitars sound as rich as they look: clear and thick trebles, warm mids and deep, distinct bass, without losing any of the precision. Do you want to try Maestro guitars? This is possible in Dedemsvaart, because we usually have Maestro guitars in stock in our store and in our webshop.