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“The best guitar we make, is the one we make tomorrow.”

What are the most important qualities of an acoustic guitar?

Preferences may differ, but everyone wants an acoustic guitar that plays well, is reliable, has great tone, is made in a sustainable way and of course an acoustic guitar must look dazzlingly beautiful and sound like a slice of heaven.

Taylor Guitars offers all that and much more!

Because Taylor knows how to combine modern and innovative techniques with an unparalleled attention to detail. That makes Taylor acoustic guitars the best playable and sounding instruments in the world. The Fellowship of Acoustics is an official Taylor dealer and that means that we always have a wide range of new and second-hand Taylor guitars in stock.

History of Taylor Guitars

Compared to many other major guitar brands, Taylor is still a relatively young company that was founded in 1974 by the then 19 (!) year old Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. Kurt focused more on accounting and the business side of the company, Bob Taylor on designing, building and producing guitars. Through his innovative way of working, Taylor has changed the guitar industry forever. For example, he came up with a faster, cheaper and more convenient way to attach the neck to the sound box. Instead of gluing it with a dovetail, Taylor developed a way to do that with screws (bolt on). If a neck reset is needed after years of playing, then that is a simple and cheap procedure with a Taylor guitar. Meanwhile, dozens of luthiers around the world have followed Taylor's example, including boutique luthiers such as Collings, Atkin and Bourgeois.

Moreover, Taylor is a smart techie, who was the first luthier to develop a way to use CNC machines when making Taylor guitars. These Computer Numerical Control machines were already widely used in the metal industry to have a machine repeatedly perform very precise work. Taylor was one of the first to translate this technique into the processing of wood in order to contribute to a very consistent quality with the help of computers. Nowadays CNC machines are indispensable in the guitar industry and this technique has ensured that guitarists now get even more guitar for their money. Thanks, Bob Taylor!

Taylor has since grown into one of the largest luthier in the world, employing more than 1,200 people and having factories in California and Mexico.  As a creative brain, master builder Andy Powers, has been added to the team, who will continue Taylor's highly innovative line in the future. Andy Powers developed, among other things, the new Taylor V-class bracing for sublime intonation of acoustic guitars.

Taylor guitars: sustainable

With his innovative way of working, Bob Taylor now also focuses on the sustainable construction of acoustic guitars. This is reflected, among other things, in unique types of tonewood, such as 'Urban Ash'. These trees grow in cities in the United States and have many of the good qualities of mahogany. In addition, Taylor has found a way to link the beautiful crystal clear sound of Maple with slightly aged (torrified) Sitka spruce. These guitars sound like perfect all-rounders!

In order to preserve rare wood species, Taylor is very actively involved in planting Ebony in Africa and Koa in Hawaii and in optimizing these types of wood for building instruments. All these efforts make Taylor one of the most sustainable luthiers, who has already won several awards for his efforts.

Taylor also focuses on the long term within the company. Founders Bob and Kurt have passed the age of 60 and were looking for the right way to transfer the company to the next generation. But how? Taylor has also done this differently than many others: all shares have come into the hands of the 1,200 employees with a smart construction (Employee Stock Ownership Plan, ESOP). In this way, the company remains independent and, according to Taylor, that is the best way to guarantee the creativity that has made the company great for the future. The companies motto is:

‘The best guitar we make, is the one we make tomorrow’

Buy a Taylor guitar

We are always deeply impressed by Taylor's Top of the line guitars, such as the stunning Presentation and the 800 and 900 series

In their Builders Edition guitars Taylor puts all the ingenuity they have into ultimate playing pleasure, beautiful looks, so these guitars will  give any player years of fun at home, in the studio and on stage thanks to Taylor's own Expression System. Recently, Taylor has even expanded this system with their unique 'Sense' system. This is a handy sensor that monitors the humidity and gives you a notification on your mobile phone if necessary.

With their High End Guitars, Taylor shows time and time again why they are among the very best luthiers in the world. In addition, there is the Taylor Custom Shop, where you can build a Taylor guitar entirely to your own wishes.

Fortunately, thanks to Taylor's ingenuity, there is also a lot of everything that makes Taylor so good available for a guitar players with a tighter budget. Perhaps the best example of this is Taylor's Academy Series. For a very competitive price, this line offers an acoustic guitar with a very comfortable rounded edge or 'bevel'. Until now, that luxury could only be found on much more expensive guitars. Through clever reuse of materials, Taylor now also offers that to beginning guitarists and combines that with, among other things, a built-in tuner and a great 'gig bag'. The time you had to learn to play the guitar on a lousy guitar is gone forever and we have always said, that life is just too short to play a shitty guitar.

The Taylor Minis are also such a great find! Small in size, but big in sound. Great for traveling, on the couch or by a campfire and now more brands make this format.

In addition, Taylor offers the American Dream Series and the 100, 200, 300, 400 series and that numbering continues until the 900. The higher the number, the more luxurious the execution and choice of wood. Thanks to this huge range of Taylor, there is a Taylor guitar for every guitarist!

Taylor electric guitars

In addition to amazing acoustic guitars, Taylor now also offers an increasingly wide range of unique electric guitars. There is the Taylor T5, a hybrid Hollowbody that builds a bridge between an electric and acoustic sound like no other. The Taylor T5z  is slightly smaller and the T3 is a Semi-hollowbody with a Bigsby Tremelo and even more klan colors thanks to coil splitting.

Order a Taylor guitar

New and second-hand Taylor guitars can easily be ordered at The Fellowship of Acoustics via our webshop. In that case, let us know what your personal preferences are, because all guitars only leave our store after a free, personal, set up.

Of course, we know better than anyone that it is nice to try out several guitar models before you buy a guitar. You are very welcome in our magical shop in Dedemsvaart where we have almost 1,000 guitars in stock as standard and here you can admire and try out many more acoustic guitars in addition to our extensive Taylor collection. Do you want to know more about Taylor or other acoustic guitars? Chat, call (0523-232205) or feel free to mail via [email protected]