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Wolfgang Jellinghaus

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Wolfgang Jellinghaus

The perfect guitarblend between East and West

History of Jellinghaus guitars

Wolfgang Jellinghaus learned to build guitars in Germany at the age of 14 and has been closely involved in making classical guitars for many years. For example, in 1983 he designed the first line of Martinez guitars, which were later sold in over 30 countries.

Since 2013, Wolfgang Jellinghaus has been making guitars under his own name again with his project Milestones of Music. He is inspired by the greatest guitar builders of the past 250 years, such as Lacote, Torres, Hauser , Ramirez and Dammann and Esteso.

Buying a Jellinghaus guitar

If you opt for a new or second-hand Jellinghaus guitar, you will see a clear tribute to the past on the outside, but they are not slavish copies. Instead they are, wonderfully playable and perfectly intonated. We wouldn't be surprised if a 100 years from now a luthier will arise who in turn pays tribute to the Great Jellinghaus.

By making the guitars in China, Jellinghaus now offers stunningly beautiful classical guitars at a very competitive price, with exeptional tonewoods, such as the highly sought-after Moon Spruce, are of very high quality.

In addition, Jellinghaus finishes most guitars with a hand-applied lacquer: Schellack or French polish. That takes more time, but makes the Jellinghaus guitars all very light, resonant and it makes the nylon strings really sing. We keep the Jellinghaus guitars in our Vault for a reason!

Wolfgang Jellinghaus range at The Fellowship of Acoustics

With German precision Wolfgang Jellinghaus has succeeded in building a perfect bridge between East and West and between the very best of classical guitar history and the future. The guitars are available in a wide choice of the best tonewoods and in an environment with a humidity of 45%, which is perfect for these instruments. Jellinghaus builds classical guitars that stand out for their sublime tone and playability. And at a pricepoint that is just very tempting for all sorts of players.

Are you looking for a classical, concert or flamenco guitar of exceptional quality? Then definitely try a Jellinghaus. Do you want to know more about Jellinghaus guitars? Our Fellows are ready for you by chat, email or telephone and of course in the store in Dedemsvaart where we always have these guitars in stock. The coffee is ready!