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Resonator Gitarre

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Resonator Gitarre

Resonator guitars are designed to get a louder sound than a standard acoustic guitar. This by means of "cones" in the body that carry out the sound (instead of the top) through the bridge. They are praised for their unique and distinctive sound, despite the rise of the electric guitar. TFOA has a wide assortment of resonator guitars, both vintage and new. With brands like; National, Gretsch and Dobro.

Why choose a Resonator guitar?

Resonator guitars have a completely unique sound and are unmistakably at home in genres as the blues. They are often made entirely out of metal and are extremely popular amongst slide players. They are played in two ways, as lap-steel or as a standard bottleneck slide instrument. Even without a slide they sound fantastic! Famous resonator users are Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter and of course Mark Knopfler, who had a resonator guitar on the cover of his album Brothers in Arms.