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Great American Sound & Beauty

The History of Gretsch Guitars

Whether you pick up a Gretsch White Falcon, a Duo Jet or a Country Gentleman, they are all oozing with Gretch goodness with those unique Gretsch sounds and looks. They are guitars that scream to be played, heard and seen: large, often hollow bodies with beautiful decorations, superb playability and they ring like a bell. So we get, why Chet Atkins, Danny Vera, Bono, Bo Didley and many others choose a Gretsch. The company has been around since 1883 and started building drums, mandolins, banjos and guitars. In the early years, the drums were the main product and the Gretsch Broadcasters are still world famous.

Gretsch guitars only took off after virtuoso Chet Atkins got his own Gretsch model: the Gretsch Country Gentleman. When George Harrison performed with that hollowbody Gretsch guitar on the Ed Sullivan Show, there was just no stopping the popularity of the brand. Later, The Monkeys went the extra mile with their own TV show featuring a Gretsch guitar and drum kit. That made Gretsch the largest instrument maker in the United States for some time.

Wide range of Gretsch guitars

That rich history can still be seen in Gretsch's huge range: acoustic and electric guitars, both hollowbody and solid body, amplifiers and lots of accessories, Gretsch has it all. In our shop we always have a wide selection of new, second-hand and vintage Gretsch guitars in stock, such as The Black Falcon, The White Falcon, various Gretsch Jet models in those characteristic bright colors with sometimes a little extra sparkle and of course with that great Bigsby Vibrato.

In addition, Gretsch also has a great Roots line for their acoustic guitars, including the wildly popular Jim Dandy Guitar.

Buy a Gretsch Acoustic or Electric Guitar

You can easily order a Gretsch guitar through the webshop of The Fellowship of Acoustics. It is worth pointing out, that if you order a guitar from us online, it will leave our store after a complete set up free of charge. In that case, please also contact us about your personal preferences, so that the Fellows in our workshop can take them into account. We ship internationally

As true guitar aficionados, we know better than anyone that most people enjoy first looking at several models up close and trying them out. We would therefore like to invite you to visit our store in Dedemsvaart. We are of course also happy to help you with personal advice. The coffee is ready!