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Looking for a lot of Guitar Bang for you buck? Then you should definitely take a look at the impressive range of Eastman Guitars from The Fellowship of Acoustics!


Sometimes guitars arrive in our store that instantly make us very happy, because we are sure that a guitarist will be very happy with that instrument as well. Whether it's an entry-level model or a superchique guitar for a professional: Eastman Guitars always make us very, very happy!

And not just because of the price, but mainly because of the quality. Because that is nothing short of stunning. As soon as we see an Eastman guitar we always think: Don’t ask how they do it, just appreciate that they do.

So taking the Challenge to find the best acoustic guitar for less than 2,000 euros, Fellow Milo ended up with an Eastman:



History of Eastman guitars

After Qian Ni graduated from Boston University School of Music, he founded Eastman Strings in 1992. That started with violins and later the focus shifted to guitars and mandolins. More than 25 years after its inception, Eastman Guitars is now a market leader and one of the bestselling guitar brands in our store. Not only to hobby guitarists who are looking for something beautiful and affordable. Eastman is  also loved by professionals such as JB Meijers (The Common Linnets), who uses Eastman gear in his studio.



All Eastman guitars are still built by hand in the Eastman workshop in Beijing. The woods have been carefully selected, the top is very precisely cut out and up to and including the last finish Eastman gives every instrument the attention it deserves. In doing so, they make smart use of the experience they have gained with making violins and you can see this, for example, in the special finishes  they use, like nitro-cellulose. This results in beautiful instruments with deep, warm colors and a unique resonance.


TFOA's Eastman guitar range

Eastman now designs and produces all conceivable instruments within the spectrum of guitars, from mandolins  to  archtops  and from  dreadnoughts  to  concert guitars.

At The Fellowship of Acoustics we manage to keep as many Eastman guitars in stock as possible: new and second-hand. Whatever a guitarist is looking for, Eastman now offers a serious option for almost all players.


Buying an Eastman guitar

Perhaps the hardest thing about Eastman guitars is choosing one. Because when we pick up an Eastman, we usually say, "Wow! Nice guitar. This is it!

Until we pick up the next Eastman and say: “Wow! Nice! Guitar!

So feel free to visit The Fellowship of Acoustics in Dedemsvaart to try an Eastman guitar yourself. Maybe you'll walk out the door with an Eastman guitar soon. And if you're not careful, with two.