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In the Fender Custom Shop, Fender's best builders take classic guitarsmodels to a whole new level. Whether they make a Custom Shop Stratocaster, Custom Shop Telecaster or a Custom Shop Jazz Bass guitar: they all excel in looks and sound. That is why the Fender Custom Shop is also called the 'Dream Factory', because they can make almost anything you can dream or imagine.

Buy Fender Custom Shop guitar

You can buy a Fender Custom Shop guitar in a few different ways. Obviously you can have one custom made according to your own wishes, but at The Fellowship of Acoustics we usually have some Fender Custom Shop guitars in stock. This is because the builders in the Dream Factory do not work to order exclusively: they also come up with amazing creations themselves that show their love for music and their superb craftsmanship. T

hese guitars regularly become available (often through very limited numbers in auctions) for a small club of dealers and The Fellowship of Acoustics is proud to be one of them. This means that you can easily try out a Fender Custom Shop guitar in our store in Dedemsvaart or order one through our webshop.

The Fender Custom Shop Tribute guitars are world famous and highly sought after among players and collectors. These are meticulously crafted replicas of iconic Fender guitars, like Eric Clapton's Blackie and Brownie Stratocasters, Jimmy Page's Telecaster, Mike McCready's (Pearl Jam) Stratocaster, and many, many more legendary masterpieces that pay tribute to Fender's rich history.

Fender Custom Shop Master Builders

Did you know that the Fender Custom Shop is also a little bit Dutch? One of the Master Builders in the Custom Shop is our own Vincent van Trigt who has been working at Fender since 2005 and among lots of other things he is now responsible for the Jimmy and Stevie Ray Vaughn Stratocaster replicas.

Build your own Fender Custom Shop guitar

Via the Fender Custom Shop you can have just about any Fender guitar made to your wishes. Whether you opt for a classic model with a few minor adjustments or want something completely different: it's all possible! We have already helped many customers to their ultimate guitar through our Dream Guitar Program. Not only for Fender, but also for many other brands. Our Fellows therefore have a lot of experience in transferring personal wishes to a luthier and are happy to help you.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about Fender Custom Shop guitars.