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Gibson LG3 Natural 1959
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Slash, Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Kirk Hammett, Sheryl Crow, Tony Iommi: they all go for a Gibson guitar! And a lots of others, because Gibson guitars have something extra. They sound fuller, look cooler, are a little heavier and they might ask a bit more from a player: they do give you a lot in return.



Iconic guitars

Over the past century, Gibson has become an iconic brand in the hands of famous guitarists, like blues legend Robert Johnson who started on a Kalamazoo from Gibson setting the tone for years to come. Gibson's electric guitars took off especially in the Sixties and Seventies, because they're just so perfect for rock music.

That started with their classic Les Paul model, followed by the Gibson SG. Mr. Les Paul himself thought the Gibson SG was to ugly he refused to attach his name to it, but over the years the SG has proven itself as a very versatile instrument. We recently got a visit from Leif and Philip and they explain the differences between the two very clearly... and loudly!



In addition to the SG and the Les Paul, Gibson offers many more electric guitars. Like that blissfully creamy sounding ES 335  (BB King!) and at the Flying V which we only serve to our customers with a free XL guitar strap on the side.


Gibson Flying V

Source: Joe Bonamassa


The Edge grew up with a Gibson Explorer that survived a broken neck and has served U2 from the very beginning.



Over the years, the Gibson company had some different owners and that has made for a somewhat erratic history with varying results. We are pleased to see Gibson is now back in a quieter water and we are very happy Gibson is dipping very successfully in its own history with their Murphy Lab



Gibson acoustic guitars

You'd almost forget that Gibson also makes great acoustic guitars, with which Gibson is just as iconic because you can hear the acoustic guitars from Montana throughout pop history.

Beatles? They used a Gibson J45 for recording. Bob Dylan? Also played Gibson. Tom Petty? Wonderwall from Oasis? You guessed it: Gibson guitars! To this day Gibson is very influential, because Danny Vera also played a Gibson before his switch to Homestead.

Where other guitar brands sometimes sound a bit 'full', Gibson leaves room for the vocals and that often makes them excellent instruments for singer songwriters. Not to mention the looks, because Gibson has always been the right brand for a dazzling sunburst.

Gibson is one of those guitar brands that has everything: electric and acoustic guitars and with their 'sub-label' Epiphone  they make their 'by Gibson' affordable for everyone. We always have a wide range of new, secondhand and vintage Gibson guitars in stock:

Despite the huge offering, you might envision a Gibson that isn't there yet? The Gibson Custom Shop is here to help, for both acoustic and electric  guitars, so whatever personal wishes you have: Gibson can make it for you. We are happy to help you with your choice.

Once you own a Gibson it is good to know, we are a Certified Gibson Service Centre and Acoustic Dealer. That makes us the number 1 Gibson Expert of the Netherlands. If you have any questions about Gibson guitars, please feel free to contact us.

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