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Lowden O50 All Koa
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Lowden O23 Cedar Walnut
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Lowden Wooden Guitar Stand
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Lowden F34 Koa Sitka Spruce
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If it was up to us, we would let every guitarist that walks through our doors play a Lowden for a while, because that is just an experience that we know you are going to like!


Jaap Kwakman (3J's), Jan Akkerman, Pierre Bensusan and many others have known it for a long time: Lowden makes top-of-the-line acoustic guitars  with a voice of their own. Mysterious, full, dreamy, perfectly playable and so dazzlingly beautiful that they can only come from one island: Ireland.

We are very proud that The Fellowship of Acoustics is now the largest Lowden dealer in Europe because we are really huge fans of these guitars. We have every model in stock and there are dozens of Lowdens on our walls both new and second-hand. And yes: you are allowed to try all of them in our shop in Dedemsvaart.


Why choose a Lowden?

Lowden has loyal followers, but with the vast majority of players Lowden doesn't immediately ring a bell. Although Ed Sheeran is trying to do something about this with his own guitar line 'by Lowden'. For anyone who doesn't know Lowden yet and tends towards the well known brands when looking for a guitar: try a Lowden. You know, just once.  

Then you see, hear and feel how truly different these instruments are, courtesy of George Lowden. He taught himself how to build a guitar and that has caused him to do just about everything in his own very special way. Like the size of the body, making a Lowden sit on your lap just a little different than a normal dreadnought or OM.

The neck consists of five pieces of laminated wood and is almost indestructible, and making sure a Lowden can also handle different tunings without any problems. If you like DADGAD you are going to love Lowden.

Did we mention tonewoods? Lowden easily links walnut or sinker redwood to another type of wood with stunning results. That wood always looks enchanting on a Lowden guitar and thanks to some magical trick they sound like they have already been broken in from day one.



Lowden Custom Shop

Here at the Fellowship of Acoustics we think every Lowden guitar is a masterpiece, but if you have other wishes, Lowden can also realize that dream. The Lowden Custom Shop  supplies made-to-measure guitars. Through our  Dream Guitar Program we have already been able to guide many customers to their ultimate Lowden. Such a custom-made guitar looks great by just listing the specifications, but when such a Custom Shop Lowden arrives in our store a few months later, those guitars always exceed our expectations in terms of sound, playability and looks. 

It is a real privilage to be able to deliver such Once-in-a-liftetime guitars to very happy customers together with Lowden. Are you next?