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Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Our specialty: Acoustic Guitars! For over 15 years we have had a special place in our heart for acoustic guitars here at The Fellowship of Acoustics.

In addition to being one of the company's founding principles, we are reminded every day of the chemistry that arises between the simplicity of an acoustic guitar and the creativity of its player.

The origin of the acoustic guitar

The first acoustic guitars are probably from the Middle Ages and were built with a rounded back like the better known lute. The first builder to take guitar design to a completely different level was Antonio Torres. He enlarged the body and changed its proportions, creating the first modern acoustic guitar as we know it today. Since then, however, the acoustic guitar has gone through so many changes that we call the guitar Torres designed the classical guitar.

The acoustic guitar can thus be defined as a steel-stringed instrument and are actually all evolutions of the original classical guitar that Torres created. From steel-stringed dreadnoughts , to steel resonator guitars and Gypsy Jazz guitars, these different disciplines of instrument making have one common denominator and that is to increase the volume so that the guitar could still be heard within the loud orchestra. Of course, a lot has changed since then (the electric guitar for example), but the acoustic guitar will never be forgotten, in any form.

Our assortment

It's only natural that the majority of our stock consists of acoustic guitars, whether they are made of wood or steel, with a bridge saddle of bone, rosewood or maple, made in 1931, 2007 or last month, we have them all.

Recently we created a separate category for left-handed acoustic guitars, because we think our south-paw friends deserve it. The range of left-handed guitars is relatively small and yet at TFOA we try to have a large number of left-handed guitars in stock to help these guitarists in their search for 'the' Martin , Gibson , Eastman or other acoustic guitar.