Inruilen & Consignatie

Trade In

If you want to trade in a product, please know that you can always send us an email, an Instagram DM, a Facebook private message, or just give us a call. However, the easiest option is to fill out the form on this page and we will contact you as soon as possible!

We have a few trade-in rules: 

  • Trade-ins are possible with a minimum purchase value of €1500;
  • We only trade in quality instruments and always reserve the right to refuse a trade-in;
  • We do not trade in consignment guitars or discounted products;
  • We do not trade in amplifiers and (digital) equipment;
  • Ideally, we prefer to trade 1 to 1. We use about 75% of the selling price as the trade-in value.
                      We would like to know the Brand, Name, Year of Production and Condition. 
                      Please write down as accurate as possible any flaws, damages, modifications, etc about your instrument.
Splits e-mailadressen met een komma.


If they are of interest to us, we purchase guitars. The same rules roughly apply as for consignment. In that case, we offer you approximately 65% of the final sale value of the instrument. 


We can sell your instrument on consignment or buy it from you with good communication. We only accept guitars on consignment that:

  1. Are interesting to offer;
  2. Have a good price/quality ratio;
  3. Have a minimum sales value of 4000 euros.

The consignment commission also covers all other costs. To give you an idea of the costs, below is a description of the costs we incur:

  • Payments for credit card, PayPal, (about 2 to 4%)
  • Use of third-party websites such as Reverb (about 8%)
  • Packaging (about 20 euros)
  • Shipping costs (20 euros to 250 euros)
  • Finally, processing costs (at least 300 euros). On average, the company's costs for a guitar are about €300 to go through the entire process of: booking, taking photos, describing, stringing and setting up/ready for shipment. The sales process and other business costs are not included. We charge €300 when the guitar is not sold.

For each sale price, we charge the following consignment commission percentages:

Sell prices till:

Consignment commission % **





€100.000,00 (and higher)


**Costs that are charged to the consignor:

  • Repair costs (other than regular adjustment costs) are not included in the consignment commission. We always try to communicate this in advance with the consignor, but sometimes we have to perform a repair on-site during a store sale.
  • Processing costs of €300, as explained above. NOTE: These are only charged when the guitar is taken back by the consignor.

Payments for consignments are made after the period of the right of return (30 days) - Exception: When an instrument is sold on commission with cosmetic or technical issues that extend the legal right of return, payment can be extended until the parties are satisfied.

Trade-in, procurement or consignment only becomes final when we confirm that the guitar has been received in good order.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!