TFOA is a unique guitar shop and service is an important part of our strength. We are the only guitar shop that offers a full year's warranty on used string instruments and even 5 years on new string instruments. And that makes buying a (used) guitar a lot more attractive. TFOA does what it says and says what it does. No surprises!

Different types of warranty may apply to products purchased from The Fellowship of Acoustics BV. In addition to TFOA's unique and most extensive guarantee, the statutory warranty applies.

Statutory warranty 

For all products you buy from us, the statutory warranty applies. This means that a product must be in good condition and do what you can reasonably expect of the product. The extra guarantees offered do not affect the statutory warranty. If a product does not meet these reasonable expectations, we will provide a suitable solution as soon as possible, depending on the product, by replacement, repair or refund. In the Netherlands, there is no fixed warranty period. For most products, you can expect to use them for a longer period of time under normal use. 

Our guarantees 

  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY; TFOA BV provides 1 year warranty on all used string instruments we sell;​
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY; TFOA BV provides 2 years warranty on all new electronic products we sell; 
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY; TFOA BV provides 5 years warranty on all new string instruments we sell;
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY; A limited lifetime warranty is sometimes offered by a manufacturer.

All warranties apply only to the first buyer of a guitar of product.

The warranty claim based on the above-mentioned additional warranties is justified if it is not caused by: 

  • Products with reduced functionality due to use and wear.
  • Products sold under the name 'sold as is'.
  • Damage due to inadequate maintenance or improper use.
  • Damage due to not following supplied instructions.
  • Products that have been modified by own repairs or damage caused
  • Problems due to fluctuations in humidity or other weather conditions.
  • Computer parts and accessories, media, software, and consumables, unless guaranteed by the manufacturer.


If the item cannot be repaired or if the repair cannot be carried out under warranty, we will inform you as soon as possible but in any case within 14 days about the further handling.

When you report a complaint or defect, we will check whether the warranty provisions apply to your situation. If the complaint or defect is justified, the costs within the warranty period will be borne by The Fellowship of Acoustics BV.