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12 String

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Taylor 150E 2016
The 12-string dreadnought 150e is a quality 12-string more accessible to budget-minded players looki...
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Taylor 150E 12 String
With the 150E 12 String, Taylor offers a high-quality guitar for an attractive price. Comfortable to...
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BSG Custom GJ45F Koa 2021
The GJ or Grand Jumbo, is also sometimes called 'Super Jumbo'. The larger body of this model enhance...
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McNally OM32 12 String
This is a beautiful instrument that shows refined taste and craftsmanship!OM stands for 'Orchestra M...
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Taylor Builder's Edition 652ce
Joining the growing family of master-crafted Builder’s Edition guitars, this 652ce is a 12-string ...
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Gibson J45 12 String Vintage Sunburst
The J45 is a truly legendary guitar. The world-famous Workhorse is Gibson's best-selling acoustic of...
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Collings 02 12 String German Spruce Rosewood
The combination of the timeless looks and enduringly popular tone of the 0-size and now with a 12-st...
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Martin HD12-28 12 String Reimagined
The Martin HD12-28 12-string from the re-imagined standard series is a classic herringbone dreadnoug...
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Eastman AC330E-12 string Jumbo
Eastman Guitars are leaders in their class with excellent workmanship, sound and quality.
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Godin A12 Natural SG
The A12 is one of the best-sounding and easiest playing 12-string guitars on the market today.
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