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Western Guitars

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Rozawood Baritone Maple Spruce "Dirt" Sunburst 2017
This custom made Baritone has an impressive voice which is very well suited for lower or alternative...
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Rozawood Baritone Maple Spruce Sunburst
The Rozawood guitar day here at TFOA was a big succes, and we just could not resist the urge to add ...
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Avalon L2 340 Bariton Birdseye Maple 2016 Near Mint
This luxurious Avalon L2-340 Baritone uses "Birdseye" Maple for the sound box in combination with a ...
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Avalon A2-20 Baritone Rosewood Spruce Near Mint
Although Avalon will always be related to Lowden and named in one single breath, they have certainly...
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Avalon L2 340 Baritone Curly Maple 2016 Near Mint
A deep wall of growling tones will knock you of your feet, and inspire you to walk new paths!  Than...
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Western Guitars

You could almost call them synonyms: Western Guitars and The Fellowship of Acoustics. With over 400 guitars in stock we represent the Western Guitar as you probably wouldn't find anywhere.

We stock well-known brands like Martin, Gibson and Taylor but also boutique brands as Collings, Goodall, Santa Cruz and Atkin. We're even the biggest Lowden dealer of Europe!

Besides these brands we also offer Eastman, Blueridge, Furch, Maton, Guild but also small independent luthiers like Sergei de Jonge and Poljakoff.

Are you more interested in the body shapes? From Dreadnought to Grand Auditorium or Parlor. You can find them all under one roof in Dedemsvaart, The Netherlands.

We stock new, used and vintage models of almost all brands. See you at TFOA!