Our first podcast with Leif de Leeuw!

Watch the first episode about the Gibson Murphy Lab, Humbucker vs P90, and picking techniques.
June 4, 2024 by
Jurgen Bakker

🎸 Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast with the one and only Leif de Leeuw. Besides making albums, touring with his own band and being the blues king of Benelux, Leif is also one of our Fellows as a demo player. Leif had been interested in making a podcast about guitar lessons for a while, and we thought it was a great idea!

We always love hearing Leif play and talking to him about all things guitar-related, so we decided to join forces and record our conversations on camera! Each episode, we choose guitars from our shop that have a great story attached to them or that are simply incredibly cool. And with those guitars, Leif takes us into the world of guitar playing with a new subject covered each episode! For guitar nerds, by guitar nerds. 😉

Leif de Leeuw Podcast at TFOA #1 | Murphy Lab, Humbucker vs. P90 & Picking Techniques

In this first episode, Leif and our own Maarten talk about how the Gibson Murphy Lab relic their guitars, the sound of a humbucker compared to a P90, and Leif shows us some picking techniques. Plus, we'd love to hear from you what the name and intro tune of this podcast should be! Let us know in the comments on YouTube or at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Leif's Teaching Materials  

Of the exercises and licks discussed, Leif has also created teaching material! With this, you can also study and practice Leif's exercises at home at your own pace. You can download this material by clicking the button on the right!

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