Most versatile electric guitar under €2000,-!

Most versatile electric guitar under €2000,-!

Imagine going to a desert island with just one amp and just one electric guitar. Which guitar would you choose?

That's the Challenge Coen and Milo are facing this week. They dive into our store with a budget of 2,000 euros trying to find the most versatile electric guitar.



Coen's Choice: Gibson SG Standard 61 Stop Bar Vintage Cherry

Gibson SG cherry

Price: 1,799 euros

Coen is of course looking for a guitar that you can play anything on. You know one that you see a lot in cover bands  and he ends up with... this Gibson SG. Huh? Surprising, because this model has especially captured the hearts of the players who are leaning towards hardrock, like Angus Young of AC/DC.  Eric  Clapton in his years with Cream? Played an SG. But luckily we see this slightly lighter, slightly faster and slightly naughtier litter sister of the Gibson’s Les Paul more and more in the 'pop-scene'. Because despite the image, thanks  to that delicious neck humbucker, a Mellow Fellow can also create a great clean sound with this guitar. Maybe SG’s are just a misunderstood pack of muscles with a very soft character. And last but not  least: those looks! Sweet like cherry  pie!


Milo's choice: Rivolta Combinata XVII Toro Black


Price: 1,499 euros

What! A! Guitar! P90 pick ups, a great Duesenberg  tremolo, a mahogany 'chambered' body, bold  inlay in the neck, a unique shape in a tight black suit, with some extra'bling' here and there. A guitar like a tuxedo, designed by Dennis Fano. But this one is affordable. Sounds great clean, gets crunchy when you dig in and when you turn up the amp, it has enough dirt to make your hair grow immediately.


Runners up

Coen an Milo had a hard time choosing just one guitar, because there is so much more to drool on. That's why we list the five that just didn't make it.


Ibanez AZ2204B Black Prestige


Price: 1,939 euros

The outcome of the sum: versatile + electric + guitar = usually a Stratocaster! Because they blend in  easily with any type of music because of the wide choice of pick ups. Funk, Punk, Rock, Pop: it's all just fine. But some guitarists suffer from A.B.a.S Syndrome: Anything-But-a-Strat. Just because, well, almost everyone plays pone. And Strats sometimes sound little too thin for the heavier stuff. A Superstrat, with a humbucker in the bridge-position solves that problem effortlessly. Like this one from Ibanez, with crisp and clear sounding single coils for some precise clean work, and a downright filthy Seymour Duncan as a sledgehammer. Thanks to some smart switches, you'll get pretty much every sound in between. Perfect, solid, tool from Japan.


Stanford Crossroad T30 Thinline 30 Antique Vintage Sunburst


Price: 1,099 euros

Well within budget and both Milo and Coen had this guitar in their hands for a long time. Made in the Czech Republic and that means a lot of guitar for your money. Sounds and plays like a dream, thanks to the hollow body, making it ideal for jazz and blues. It looses some points on versatility and therefore just didn't make it. But if you're looking for a warm, full sound in a feather-light, almost acoustic jacket, this could be a really good match.


Eastman SB59 Goldburst


Price: 1,799 euros

Eastman does it again and again with pretty much all the guitars they make. And this one is no exception, because for a fraction of the price you buy quality that in some areas even surpasses the original. This SB59 is a clear nod to the Les Pauls, with a mahogany body, flamed maple top, nitro  lacquer for a more open sound and great Seymour Duncan elements. Also available in a Sunburst.


Fender American Original 60s Telecaster Thinline Sunburst MN

 Fender Thinline

Price: 1,999 euros

The dream of many guitarists: a real USA MADE Fender. Like this Thinline, which is clearly based on the Classic Telecaster but with a nice F in the body. That makes them slightly lighter, more resonant  and rounds of some of the sharp edges of the sound. We really enjoy seeing Fender succeed in combining a very rich history with subtle and clever innovation time and time again.


Harmony Jupiter Pearl White

Harmony Jupiter guitar

Price: 1,599 euros

From So-Much-Fun-Guitar Division: the Harmony Jupiter. Harmony was once a big brand in the United States, fell into oblivion, but is now alive and well again with an exciting line of electric guitars. Gold Foil pick ups give them a very unique character. Combine that with fancy looks and fantastic playability and for many guitarists this is an instrument with which they will survive for a long time on a desert island. Travels in a great Mono Bag.

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