Alexandr Misko DE+NL Tour 2023

Ticket Alexandr Misko DE+NL Tour 2023
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Alexandr Misko DE+NL Tour 2023

Alexandr Misko is a Russian fingerstyle guitarist, and composer/arranger. An exceptional talent with an original and individual style who knows how to wow a crowd wherever he goes.

He is a passionate and energetic artist who plays concerts all over the world and has released five solo albums. A unique style, a highly musical and technical presentation, coupled with original works, make Alexandr's music accessible to every listener. The language of his music is universal and understandable to audiences all over the world.

Alexandr's musical story is astonishing and simple at the same time. He started playing the instrument at the age of 12 and did classical guitar for 3 years with a private tutor. After learning about the modern style of guitar playing called “fingerstyle” on the internet, he started learning it himself.

His tour through Germany and the Netherlands will bring Alexandr to Theater Dina in Dedemsvaart on Sunday 1 October! In this setting it promises to be an intimate and special concert. There are 100 places available, so make sure you're there!


“Alexandr Misko is the future of acoustic guitar. People have watched my generation play and said "That's it, that's the limit, nobody can take the guitar any further." But that would be a tragedy to me. The moment I first saw Alexandr my heart filled up with relief and joy, as I saw that they had been wrong”

— Jon Gomm (singer songwriter / virtuoso guitarist from the UK)

*This is a rescheduled concert that was originally supposed to take place on 19-05-2022. Tickets already purchased remain valid.*

Date & Time
Sunday October 01, 2023
8:00 PM 11:30 PM (Europe/Amsterdam)

The Fellowship of Acoustics

Moerheimstraat 144
7701 CJ Dedemsvaart
+31 523 232 205
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The Fellowship of Acoustics

+31 523 232 205
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