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Trading with The Fellowship of Acoustics

We offer the possibility to trade instrument (s) with us. When you want to make use of this service, please indicate this prior negotiation. You can visit us, taking your instruments, and make an agreement in the shop. There is also the possibility to consult by phone or by email. In this case you would send your instrument to us and we will send you the instrument of your choice as soon as both payment and trade instrument have arrived. Amps and gear can most of the times not be traded due to quality and warranty issues.
Your trade price will be based on our expected sales price with deduction of costs we have of preparing the instrument for selling. (setup, repair and new strings for example)

Shipping and costs

It could also be agreed in consultation that we book a collection from your place against costs. Insurance is included, but insurance isn't against faulty packaging. We must warn you to pack well.
If you want to propose a trade-in please contact us at: [email protected]