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Trading, Consignment & Purchasing


Here at TFOA, we always want to give you the opportunity to trade in your old gear and get yourself an upgrade! Or perhaps you're simply looking for something else entirely.

If you're looking to trade in your gear, know that you can always send us an email, an Instagram DM, a Facebook Private Message or simply give us a call. However, the easiest option is to fill in the form above and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

We have a few rules when trading in; We don't trade in unless the product you are willing to purchase is €1500,- or more, we are looking for quality instruments / gear from the known brands and we don't do trade ins on consignment or sale guitars. Amps and (electronic) gear are also excluded from trading.

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Through solid agreement we can sell your instrument as a consignment or buy the instrument from you directly. We only take in guitars that a. are interesting to offer, b. have a good price/quality ratio, c. a minimum price of 3000 euro's. Consignment only works if the price is attractive enough, that's why we also offer the option of buying your instrument directly (in the case of interest and space from our point-of-view).

Costs / Commission

The consignment-commission also covers all the extra costs. To give you some insight to them, here's a description of the costs we make along the way:

De consignatie-commissie dekt ook alle overige kosten. Om u inzicht te geven in de kosten, onderstaand een beschrijving van kosten die we onderweg maken:

  • Payments by creditcard, PayPal, (ca 1.5% - 3%)
  • Costs for the use of third-party websites such as Reverb (ca 8%)
  • Packaging (10 - 15 Euro)
  • Shipping costs (20 Euro - 150 Euro)
  • Company- or processing costs ca. 250 Euro*. (When the product isn't sold, these are charged)
    *At average, the costs per guitar are circa 200 - 300 euro to follow our whole process: Check-in, photo's, describing / measuring, re-stringing and set-ups before shipment. The sales-process and other company-costs aren't taken into account. For all of these we ask 250 euro's, but only when the guitar isn't sold (as mentioned above).
Selling price till: Consignment commission % **
€5.000,00 25%
€15.000,00 20%
€100.000,00 (and up) In consultation. 
  • Costs: The costs of presentation, set-ups and shipping are only taken into account if the instrument isn't sold (Fixed price of €250,-).
  • Percentages are per instrument (The commission is fixed and non-negotiable).
  • Repair costs (other than regular set-up costs) are outside of the consignment commission.
  • Valid from 1-06-2021 (for all new consignments from this date on).

Payments from consignments are credited in the period áfter the instrument is sold (30 days) - Exception: When an instrument is sold with cosmetic or technical issues that lend the legal right of a refund, we can extend the payment till both parties are satisfied.

We are experienced sales(wo)men, if you want to sell your instrument there's only one way: a fair price.



Last but to not least: We also buy guitars (if they are interesting for us)! The same rules apply as for consignment. In that case we offer you 65% of the final sales value of the instrument. 


All three options will only be finalised once we confirm the guitar has been received in good order. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call 0523 232205.