Origin Effects

Looking for the best overdrive pedal? Or the best compression pedal? Take a look at Origin Effects

Handmade in Oxfordshire (UK) by Simon Keats who learned some tricks of the trade at Vox. A little over a decade ago, he was tinkering with a pair of legendary UA1176 compressors with the idea of capturing this great sound in a single pedal. He managed to find a way, resulting in Origin Effects now legendary Cali76. Where some compressors wrap your guitar sound neatly and gently push it to the background, the Cali76 makes your guitar sound compact, but still 'in your face'. 

Cory Wong uses it for his acoustic guitar! That delicious snappy guitar sound from Maroon 5? James Valentine also likes to use a Cali76. 



The Best

With the Cali76 Simon Keats set the bar for what is now an entire range of truly awesome effect pedals. Tremolo, vibrato, overdrive and fuzz: Origin Effects has it all and for every pedal they want to make the best possible version they can make. As a result all Origin Effects are 100% handmade, tested and adjusted if needed.


Just imagine, one pedal with two channels with a very wide palette of 'drive tones', giving you instant access to that delicious Marshall Plexi sound and sooooo much more. Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, Black Sabbath's Tommi Iommi and Chris Buck are fans.

Pedal as an extra amplifier

What makes the RevivalDrive extra-special is the ability to use it as an amplifier in combination with a Cab-Sim. Handy as an affordable and extremely easy and lightweight backup rig for the stage and it indicates that with this pedal you can also go in all directions at home and in the studio. It is a supertool!

Origin Effects listens to musicians

Origin Effects listens carefully to what musicians want and this is evident, among other things, from their compact version of the RevivalDrive. Some guitarists think the original RevivalDrive sounds great, but also is a bit too big and a bit too pricey. Origin Effect has therefore put all the good of the RevivalDrive in a slightly smaller box with a little more ease of use and at a friendlier price point.

Are you looking for a great drive pedal or one of the best compressors money can buy? In our store in Dedemsvaart we love to show you our extensive range of Origin Effects.


Ben jij op zoek naar een goed effectpedaal voor op het podium of in de studio? Die ultieme compressor of juist een zeer compleet drive pedaal? In onze winkel in Dedemsvaart laten we je graag kennis maken met ons uitgebreide assortiment van Origin Effects.