Whether you play acoustically or electrically: it starts with the strings. That is why we always have good good strings from the well-known brands in stock at the Fellowship and we are very proud that we have added the amazing strings from Stringjoy to our range. These new Nashville string makers have been making great strides since 2014, with only one goal: to make the best strings in the world.

Custom is the new standard

Founder Scott has been working in music for years and knew that professional guitarists often work with 'custom' strings. So no standard package, but a set of custom strings for extra fun and the ultimate sound. Quite logical, because a metal guitarist just wants something different than a country boy, but how do you make the best strings for all those different players?

Scott did this by endlessly fiddling and developing different sets with clear characteristics. For the electric guitar there is a very extensive line with 'signatures' that range from light to drop tune extra heavy and just about everything you can think of in between. For ​ acoustic guitarists there are now Foxwoods: the first coated strings from Stringjoy! And of course there are also ​ Stringjoy bass-strings in just about every shape and size you can think of.