Classical Instruments

Classical guitars: an introduction

Classical guitars, also known as Spanish guitars, are beautiful musical instruments with a rich history. They have been used for centuries in various styles of music, including classical, flamenco and folk music. If you are interested in playing the guitar, it is important to understand the difference between a concert and flamenco guitar, as this can affect the sound and playing style.

​Concert guitars: ideal for classical music

A concert guitar, also known as a classical guitar, is the most common type of classical guitar. These guitars have a broad and deep sound, making them ideal for playing classical music pieces. 

They generally have nylon strings, which produce a warm and mellow sound. Concert guitars also have a wider neck and larger sound box, making them comfortable to play and have excellent projection.

Flamenco guitars: for the energetic sounds of flamenco

On the other hand, flamenco guitars have a slightly different construction and sound characteristics. Flamenco is an energetic and rhythmic style of music originating from Spain. Flamenco guitars are designed to accentuate the bright and percussive sounds of flamenco music. 

They often have a lighter construction, which gives them a faster response and makes them easier to play for flamenco techniques such as rasgueado (quick touch technique) and golpe (strike on the sound box). Flamenco guitars also tend to have a slightly narrower neck and shallower soundbox, resulting in a brighter and sharper sound.

Choosing between concert and flamenco guitars

When choosing a guitar, it is important to consider your musical preferences and playing style. If you are interested in playing classical music pieces, a concert guitar is an excellent choice because of its deep, warm sound. However, if you are fascinated by the energetic sounds of flamenco music and plan to play flamenco, a flamenco guitar is more suitable because of its bright and fast response.

Choosing a guitar

No matter what type of guitar you choose, it is always important to find an instrument that suits you and makes you feel comfortable. Playing a classical guitar is a wonderful experience that allows creativity and expression. So choose a guitar that inspires you and enjoy the pleasure of playing this timeless instrument.