Tube Amplifiers

​Most guitarists still prefer a tube amp, especially for live performances. Tube amps produce rich, deep, colourful tones that are virtually unmatchable with a transistor. Get inspired by TFOA's collection of tube amps!

​Our range of tube amplifiers

TFOA biedt u een indrukwekkend assortiment buizenversterkers van topmerken als Fender, Marshall, Orange, Vox, Friedman, Kool Amplification, GLB Sound en Bad Cat. U heeft daarbij de keuze uit zowel combo’s als losse cabinets en tops, met een breed scala aan configuraties. Door het aanbod te filteren op prijs, merk, staat en/of opties kunt u gemakkelijk een exemplaar vinden dat in alle opzichten aan uw wensen en behoeften voldoet. Uiteraard kunt u ook bij ons terecht voor diverse versterker accessoires.

Tube amplifier vs transistor

The technical difference between a tube amp and a transistor amp is quite simple. Whereas a transistor amplifier uses electronics to amplify the guitar's signal, a tube amplifier does so using vacuum tubes. However, guitarists make their choice of a tube amp or a transistor not based on technical specifications, but because of the aural differences.

​Advantages of a tube amplifier

​Tube amplifiers are known to have a warm sound. That warm sound is especially audible when those vacuum tubes are loaded more heavily. This in fact results in a warm distortion, which we call overdrive. There are many overdrive effectpedals ​available that try to replicate that unique sound, although many are convinced it is not the same as the overdrive of the tube amp itself.

Another reason many guitarists prefer tube amps is because of their response. The vacuum tubes ensure that, depending on a guitarist's style, the amp is able to produce sounds with subtle nuances. So, were two different guitarists playing on the same tube amp, you would hear the differences between their individual ways of playing. With a transistor amp, you don't have that nuanced response.

Buying a tube amp

Choosing a tube amp depends mainly on the sound you are looking for. It is therefore definitely worth trying out a number of tube amplifiers first. You are therefore welcome to drop by at our Dedemsvaart branch. Our experienced staff can tell you everything you need to know about our amplifiers and will be happy to provide you with expert advice.