Taylor's new V-Bracing VS the Standard X-Bracing!

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Taylor's new V-Bracing VS the Standard X-Bracing!

You might have heard that guitar-manufacturer Taylor has begun making guitars with a non-traditional and new V-Bracing system. Curious to how they sound? Check out our video now!

Taylor Guitars took the acoustic-guitar-community by storm when they announced the new V-Bracing system. Guitar manufacturers have been using the traditional X-Bracing system for years and years. For that reason, we decided to put together 2 pairs of the exact same Taylor guitars, the only difference; One of them has V-Bracing whilst the other has X-Bracing. 


Check out the video now and let us know which one sounds best and why! 



  1. Maarten Dispa Maarten Dispa

    Interesting thoughts George, we've heard many people that seem to stick to the X-bracing. I'm not convinced on them either but I feel both variants have their place in the guitar-world. It's not better per se, it's just different.

  2. George M Sanders Jr George M Sanders Jr

    The new v bracing sounds like a cross between a guitar and I don't know what. May a Martin. I have a 810 that is one of the best sounding guitars I have heard. Sorry, but I am not a fan of the new v bracing. Don't, stop making the x bracing, you have a good thing with the old bracing.

  3. Maarten Dispa Maarten Dispa

    Hey Ron, that's a great idea! If you're interested in one of the two I can make you a short video comparing the two?

    TFOA Team

  4. Ron Ron

    If I detect any difference it is very small. A more interesting comparison might be a Taylor v braced guitar against Martin x braced guitar of similar style, guality and materials.

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