Taylor's new V-Bracing VS the Standard X-Bracing!

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Taylor's new V-Bracing VS the Standard X-Bracing!

You might have heard that guitar-manufacturer Taylor has begun making guitars with a non-traditional and new V-Bracing system. Curious to how they sound? Check out our video now!

Taylor Guitars took the acoustic-guitar-community by storm when they announced the new V-Bracing system. Guitar manufacturers have been using the traditional X-Bracing system for years and years. For that reason, we decided to put together 2 pairs of the exact same Taylor guitars, the only difference; One of them has V-Bracing whilst the other has X-Bracing. 


Check out the video now and let us know which one sounds best and why! 



  1. Maarten Dispa Maarten Dispa

    Hey Ron, that's a great idea! If you're interested in one of the two I can make you a short video comparing the two?

    TFOA Team

  2. Ron Ron

    If I detect any difference it is very small. A more interesting comparison might be a Taylor v braced guitar against Martin x braced guitar of similar style, guality and materials.

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