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TFOA is established from scratch in 2001, but the seed had to be planted somewhere. And the older I get the more I look back into family history and realize that if- my grandfather wouldn’t have made the decision to learn to play organ around 1930 - and if-  my father  wouldn’t have joined him in the same Choir years later-  first as a singer- later on as the director of that choir- neither me- nor my youngest brother, or my kids would have been involved in music these days.
The awareness of this historical important decision my grandfather made- perhaps taken instantaneously and spontaneous within a crucial minute- made me realise how a simple decision can change the cause of history.
Especially the Bults family history changed and continues to change faster and faster in a Tsunami like way due to this decision. It didn’t only effect my life and that of my youngest brother, but also that of our sons and daughters.
My kids are fulltime engaged in the shop, but also a good number of my three younger brothers kids are involved in music these days- even the life of some of our foster kids changed significantly by getting infected with the guitar playing virus. And it all started with my grandfather somewhere around 1930!   


Running a shop in Bergentheim of all places was quite difficult to get started with, since there's  no history and no heritage to live up to, no big city around to get customers from. So we needed a different approach. So we approached it in the ‘American way’, and imagined the world to be a place with no borders, advertised in English so hopefully every guitar player understood our offerings. Another thing that set us apart from the start is by concentrating on quality handcrafted guitars only.   
From that day onwards we set out to meet master luthiers, but also invested in vintage guitars, deepened our knowledge on subjects such as history, technology related to designs and all details that affect tone.
Nowadays we are one of those specialist guitar-shops were you can find a selection of the world's finest acoustic guitars of both this century and the bygone centuries. Not only steel string guitars but also a fine selection of classical guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, ukuleles and banjos.


TFOA’s go is to be a knowledgeable partner for all our customers looking for that one guitar that has all they need, provide customer first- service and be always on the lookout for further improvement of our services.
Everyone who knows about TFOA, knows about their Motto ‘Life’s too short to play a shitty guitar’. A motto we embraced since it explains who we are and what we aim to do.  Our experience is one of understanding and the value of our wide experience lies in the understanding of the individual customer’s needs combined with a comprehensive knowledge of each and every guitar we sell.
Our goal is to match your needs with the right instrument that fits your needs.
Knowledge is the utmost important factor in our job and it’s exactly that what sets us apart from the crowd. Feel free to contact us any time if you have questions that involve tone, technical issues, which pickup too install, or what amp to choose. Our advice is for free anytime.  


We represent a strong mix of European and American brands such as: Gibson guitars, Collings Guitars & Mandolins, Fender, Taylor, Music Man, Bourgeois, Goodall, Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Lowden guitars, Martin guitars, Mcilroy guitars, Rozawood guitars, Avalon guitars, BSG (Jan Stovicek) guitars, Maton guitars, Guild guitars, Alister Atkin guitars, National Reso-Phonic guitars, Haar guitars, Rebelrelic guitars and Furch guitars.
These are our core brands, but we believe in the principle of Quality for every budget, but only quality is allowed: And that's why we also represent also brands like Blueridge and Eastman that have a proven quality we are able to compliment with TFOA's unique 5 year warranty.