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The Jumbo is the' go big or go home' body size. Big and loud, with rich bass, focussed mids and clear highs, they command any live gig but integrate well into ensemble performances too. Discover our collection of Jumbo guitars here!
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Lowden O50 All Koa
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Guild F55 Maple Antique Sunburst
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Taylor 618e
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Gibson J185EC Modern Walnut
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Martin Grand J16E 12 String
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Lowden O23 Cedar Walnut
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Guild F55 Natural
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Since Gibson first introduced the J200 (the first jumbo acoustic) in 1937, jumbo acoustic guitars have become the go-to style for acoustic strummers and pluckers who crave volume. In fact, jumbo acoustic guitars have been played by many legendary musicians such as Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, George Harrison and Noel Gallagher.

Features of a Jumbo

Jumbo acoustic guitars are the ‘big strummer’ in the acoustic guitar family. They’ve got the most ‘air’ inside their body which means more energy is required to get sound out of them. But it also means more energy can come out of them. They are the perfect choice for accompanying vocals. 

A Jumbo normally has a circular style body with a tight-waist which is what gives it that top-end snap and presence. If it didn’t have this tighter waist, it would actually lose clarity and sound quite muddy making it almost unusable in any real musical situation.

Maple offers a crisp and ultra-transparent sound with usually more trebles compared to other tonewoods. As a result maple is often used in larger models like the Jumbo, because those constructions add more bass and combined with maple the sound is perfectly balanced.

Buy a Jumbo

In our store, you'll come across a wide variety of jumbo acoustic guitars ranging from 6- and 12-string acoustic-electrics to left-handed guitars. And while Gibson and Guild might first come to mind when thinking of Jumbo guitars, we'd also recommend Jumbo-sized models such as Lowden's O size, the AB-model from Iris, or a Martin J40.