The New Novo Nucleus Models!

Novo launches their new 'Nucleus' line at NAMM 2024.
January 25, 2024 by
Jurgen Bakker
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The next release during NAMM 2024 is a fact. Where Martin launched a new model, Novo has introduced an entire new range of guitars! Their current 'Select' line will be replaced this year by the 'Nucleus' line as the new core line-up. 

What is the Nucleus series?

The Nucleus series is an overhaul and upgrade of the current models produced by Novo. In total, the Nucleus series consists of no less than 63 different models!

In the video opposite, we tell you all about this new line, and some of the most important updates can also be found below.


Features a new Novo-branded Mastery vibrato and bridge.


Features a new Novo-branded Mastery vibrato and bridge.

Includes a tummy contour and back round over.

A new f-hole design, pickguard and control plate.


Comes with a German Carve body

A new pickguard and 'rear mounted' controls. 


Now available with an HSS option.


A Deluxe contoured body.

Rear Mounted Controls.

Available as a 'J' model, with Mastery hardware and P90 pickups.

Prototypes at TFOA

An initial prototype is made for each new model, and these particular guitars will  be sold by their European dealers, of which we are 1 of only two.

So these are the very first Novo Nucleus models in the world, and we have already received the first ones! Click the button below to see which Novo guitars we now have in stock.

Discover all our Novo guitars here

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