#1 Cedar vs. Spruce on Classical Guitars!

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#1 Cedar vs. Spruce on Classical Guitars!

We're starting a 9-part Blog-Series on Classical Guitars, in this first edition we'll be discussing the two most common top-woods in the industry: Cedar and Spruce.


On classical guitars, the most common used soundboard-woods are Cedar and Spruce and there is an everlasting debate on which seems to be better. 


Whilst Spruce is more traditional and has been used in the industry more, Cedar has gained popularity starting in the mid-1960's. Spruce guitars typically have a quite direct sound with a bell-like tone. They seem to be more clear, balanced and sometimes have more sustain. Cedar however, makes the guitar sound darker, warmer and generally fuller. 


We've had Levi Akkerman, guitar teacher and professional player, play on two near-exact Ramirez 1A's. One of the has a Cedar top (Ramirez 1A 1974) whilst the other has a Spruce top (Ramirez 1A 1988)


The age difference is something to keep in mind whilst listening to the comparison, the slightly older Cedar top is brighter than she would be if she was the same age as the spruce top. However, this difference is small. Cedar always matures sooner than Spruce.



The recording was made using an Ear Trumpet Chantelle and a Neumann Condensor. 


Hear for yourself which soundboard you think sounds more pleasing and let us know! Feel free to contact us on advice and prices when purchasing a Classical (or other kind of) Guitar. 


  1. Mel G Janaway Mel G Janaway

    Very hard to judge, unless in the same room as the player. Even then it can still be very subjective.

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